My English Major Life

First published at age 10 in American Girl magazine. Recently heard on NPR for National Poetry Month (listen here). Along the way: poems, plays, essays, and 22 books, including business histories for my beloved company (thriving under new ownership) and the award-winning Perilous Journey of the Donner Party  (Zoom presentation available to schools, museums, and libraries). Rutgers grad. Authors Guild member. Ongoing passions: Broadway musicals, biographies and memoirs, cats, food, Italy, life in New Jersey, competitive Scrabble®, Steely Dan, and sharing my respect for words as a writing teacher and editor. Read
my blog on Medium about engaging with life after the loss of a loved one
(I’m @ThePracticalMourner).

“As spellbinding as fiction.” – Boston Globe

Corporate Historian

Currently I consult on business anniversary campaigns and help selected clients with “as told to” autobiographies.

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Creative Writer

My portfolio includes poetry, plays, essays, and nonfiction history books including The Perilous Journey of the Donner Party.

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Workshop Leader

Writers praise my workshops as supportive and amazingly productive.

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Editor & Coach

One-on-one help. Bring me your bare-bones theme, your pile of notes, your rough draft. Finish that project at last!

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Upcoming Workshops

Transitions (Memoir)
Breaking Writer’s Block
Winter 2024

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