Marian CalabroMany people talk and dream about starting a project, or finishing one. I’ve been there myself. But talking doesn’t get the job done. Work with author/publishing coach Marian Calabro to bring your writing or self-publishing projects to realization. I provide individual guidance and detailed evaluations of your nonfiction, memoir, fiction, or poetry. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, I can help you assess your work so far, pinpoint issues, and find practical solutions to help you write the story you want to write and reach the readers you want to reach.

How it works: We’ll meet by email, phone, or Zoom—your choice. Consultations take place after you pay online, with a range of packages that allow you to adjust fees to your needs.

Typical client feedback: “Really, what a great job you did. You made awkward passages so crisp and simple.” — kudos from David Z., author of a Kindle book that I edited

Introductory Session

Pick my brain on:

  • Where you’re at as a writer
  • How to get to where you want to be
  • How to get “unstuck”
  • How to build a platform
  • How to find the right literary agent
  • Traditional vs. self-publishing
  • What’s involved in self-publishing
  • Whatever writing issues you want to discuss

Important note: Introductory sessions do not include any reading of your work in progress. Once we talk, you may want to move onto an Evaluation/Test Edit or a Deeper Dive. But there is absolutely no obligation, and I will not pester you with follow-up solicitations (that’s another difference between me and other coaches).

BUY NOW - Introductory Session, 30 minutes, $70

BUY NOW - Introductory Session, 60 minutes, $95

Evaluation / Test Edit

Here’s where I get to know your work and you get to know my editorial/coaching style.

  • Email me 2,500 words of your work-in-progress
  • Also email me your available near-term times/dates
  • We’ll set a 30-minute appointment
  • I’ll annotate detailed feedback in Track Changes
  • You’ll also get a separate page of “what next” suggestions
  • We’ll discuss the whole picture by phone or Zoom for 30 minutes

Important note: All genres are welcome, except for science fiction, fantasy, plays, or picture books. If you feel that we don’t click, you won’t be stuck in the relationship. And you’ll still have a professionally edited chunk of manuscript with which to move forward.

BUY NOW - Evaluation / Test Edit, $195

Deep Dive

Ongoing support for whatever you need, in hourly blocks.

  • We’ll phone or Zoom to suss out your objectives
  • I’ll email you an outline of deliverables
  • We’ll set a mutually productive schedule
  • Once the work is done, we’ll wrap with a call

BUY NOW - 3-hour deep dive, $240

BUY NOW - 5-hour deep dive, $375

BUY NOW - 10-hour deep dive, $650

The Whole Package

You’re eager to hold your own self-published book in your hands or on your Kindle? Working with partners who are skilled in book design and print-on-demand, I’ll act as the editor-in-chief and make it happen. For this option, I work only with individuals who are committed to the process and ready to go the distance (books don’t happen overnight). Set up an Introductory Session to explore the options. It just might be the most important call you make this year.