I’ve certainly grown in this short time. I tend to be a perfectionist when I write, as my worn Backspace key can attest. You coached me to conjure ideas and flesh them out in 20 or so minutes, which gave me a needed new perspective.

— Brian W., fiction writer

Having been a working journalist for more than 20 years, I’ve become very comfortable writing about other people within the creative constrictions of the nonfiction realm. Your exercises enabled me to get out of that comfort zone and helped me feel more confident about the words my mind manages to put together.

— Barb C., journalist writing a novel

Thanks for the session today. Very helpful and centering. You have the rare quality of being non-defensive, for which I can’t thank you enough. At the same time, you are always the responsible editor, pointing out lessons of structure and characterization.

— Susan A., essayist

I always thought that the way I write about childhood was a problem, an obstacle. You pointed out that my approach is actually an attribute, something positive. Your responses were a very liberating insight for me.

— Joan V., nonfiction writer

I am still floating on the good work you have made of my writing.

— J. R., memoirist

This has been quite a week for me and my writing. Oh my my – the words just flowed and with the words all kinds of ideas about where it can all lead. New thoughts and connections are running rampant in my brain. I came to you to be inspired and re-energized, and both happened.

— Madelyn H., memoirist

I read over your notes on my ms. Monday night. I am so appreciative of your thoroughness. You also line-edited it. That was above and beyond, but also so needed. This form of creativity is still new to me, so thank you for all your time, attention, and help. I never dreamed you would return those pages to me with so many thoughts on them. Great inspiration for me to get to work!

— B. McF., short story writer